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Aircraft Trainer

KFT offers a full range of fixed-location Aircraft FireTrainer® live fire training systems and solutions for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) training to FAA, ICAO, NFPA, NATP and CAA requirements.

A-2000 trainers image

Aircraft FireTrainer® A-2000

The World's Most Advanced Fire Training Simulator!
Full-sized, realistic aircraft replicas. Large-area fuel spill fires. Programmable fires. Automatic controls w/ central PC. Fires detect extinguishing agent and respond realistically.

A-500 trainers image

Aircraft FireTrainer® A-500, A-250 & A-100

Aircraft live fire training simulators to meet your training needs.

Helicopter trainers image

Helicopter FireTrainer®

A wide range of helicopter fire simulators.

Cabin Crew trainers image

Cabin Crew FireTrainer®

KFT offers several models of cabin crew fire extinguisher training systems.

Design Assistance

Design Assistance

Leverage KFT's experience in planning your burn building, training tower, or whole fire training facility.