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Aircraft FireTrainer® A-2000

The Aircraft FireTrainer® A-2000 enables you to recreate a series of different emergency scenarios, including interior and exterior incident fires and large-scale fuel spill fires, all managed by an adjacent control tower and PC control station. Inside, a series of fires can be accessed by a series of doors on multiple levels, helping you to develop realistic rescue scenarios.

The Aircraft FireTrainer® A-2000's fires are fully programmable, and automatically respond to the application of extinguishing media, for a realistic fire response.

Fire simulations utilize clean burning propane. Alternately, "dual-fueled" fire simulations are available that burn either kerosene for maximum realism or propane for environmental compliance.

KFT can provide a standard or custom design to fit your particular ARFF training needs.

FAA-compliant ARFF training simulator

  • Suitable for Index C, D, and E annual aircraft rescue fire fighting training
  • B737 or B757 Specialized Aircraft Fires Trainer (SAFT) fuselage mock-up
  • 85-ft, 100-ft, 125-ft or 152-ft diameter propane-fueled Fuel Spill Burn Area

ICAO-Compliant Fire Training Simulator

  • CAT 9, 10: A380 or B747 aircraft mock-ups
  • CAT 7/8: 6m diameter fuselage
  • CAT 6: 5m diameter fuselage
  • CAT 4/5: 5m diameter fuselage
  • "Drive-On" Fuel Spill Fires
  • Rotating fire screens

Available Incident Fires (Selection)

  • Cockpit fire
  • Cabin fire
  • Overhead bin fire
  • Cabin flashover effect
  • Seat fire
  • Lavatory fire
  • Galley fire
  • Crew rest area fire
  • Baggage fire
  • Cargo fire
  • Electronic bay fire
  • APU fire
  • Oxygen bottle fire
  • Wing engine fire
  • Tail engine fire
  • Fuselage fire
  • 3D fuel line leak
  • Wheel - brake fire with explosion generator

Reference Sites

Dallas Fort Worth International
Dallas, Texas, USA
Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport
Dubai World Central, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Chicago-O'Hare International Airport
Chicago, Illiniois, USA
Schiphol Int'l Airport
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Royal Netherlands Air Force
Woensdrecht Air Force Base, Netherlands
Gatwick Int'l Airport
London, United Kingdom
Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
Berlin-Schönefeld, Germany