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Aircraft FireTrainer® A-500, A-250 & A-100

KFT’s Aviation FireTrainer® offers an affordable means of providing aircraft rescue fire training in a safe and controlled manner. KFT offers a wide range of aircraft mock-up sizes, fuel sources, incident fires, and options to meet your training needs and budget. Contact a KFT representative to learn more about the full range of systems available.

Available fires

  • Fuel spill fires, multi-zones
  • Cockpit fire
  • Cabin fire
  • Overhead bin fire
  • Cabin flashover effect
  • Seat fire
  • Lavatory fire
  • Galley fire
  • Crew rest area fire
  • Baggage fire
  • Cargo fire
  • Electronic bay fire
  • APU fire
  • Oxygen bottle fire
  • Wing engine fire
  • Tail engine fire
  • Fuselage fire
  • 3D fuel line leak
  • Dual bogey undercarriage fire
  • Carbonaceous aircraft interior fires

Fuel Choices

Good flame characteristics with environmental compliance.
Kerosene, Jet A-1
Maximum training realism. KFT’s unique control system and fuel atomization nozzles greatly reduce amount of soot and residual unburned fuel. More than 98% of fuel is burned during fire training exercises using KFT’s kerosene trainers.
"Dual Fuelled"
Ability to burn either propane or kerosene.

Reference Sites

SERCO International Fire Training Centre
Durham Tees Valley, UK
Royal Danish Air Force
Karup Air Base, Danmark
Goodfellow Air Force Base 312th Training Squadron
Goodfellow AFB, Texas, USA
Pago Pago International Airport
Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa