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KFT SmokeMaster

Portable Smoke Machine Fog Generator

KFT’s classic smoke generator SmokeMaster can be used as a portable smoke generator only or when integrated into a KFT FireTrainer® system. It is the successor of KFT's formerly supplied SmokeMaster SM3K which has been used extensively by the United States Navy e.g. for over 12 years, due to its unmatched smoke generation capability and reliability!

The machine has a hardwire remote smoke emit capability and variable smoke output. It uses the KFT SmokeMaster Smoke Fluid which can be ordered separately.

KFT’s SmokeMaster does not require a canister of CO2 or Nitrogen propellant... saving you hassle and expense.

The smoke for the KFT SmokeMaster is water based, and is safe and residue-free. There is no cleanup after completing your training scenarios. The environmentally safe, clean and non-toxic smoke produced by the smoke generator provides realistic search & rescue, SCBA, HazMat or leak testing without any of the risks associated with real smoke.


  • Dimensions:
    • Measures: 18.25"L x 9.125"W x 10.5"H
    • Weight: 15 Pounds
    • (Mild steel made in the USA)
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 650watt, 6.4amps
    • Requires Minimum: 15amp circuit