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Portable Helicopter FireTrainer® O-100

KFT's Portable Helicopter FireTrainer® O-100 replicates various helicopter fire emergencies. The O-100 fire simulator allows the operator to safely control the training scenarios at the push of a button, while clean-burning propane fuel eliminates environmental concerns.

The Helicopter FireTrainer® O-100 is extremely versatile with the ability to replicate scenarios such as:

  • Engine fire
  • Passenger/cargo area fire
  • Cockpit fire

The helicopter fire prop's functional castors allow the mock-up to be moved easily. An optional transport trailer with on-board propane storage is also available, allowing the helicopter fire simulator to be transported to numerous training locations.

Portable Helicopter UH-60 FireTrainer® O-100

The Portable Helicopter UH-60 FireTrainer® O-100 is a specialised version of the helicopter FireTrainer® O-100 replicating an UH-60 helicopter. The heavy-duty steel frame and steel skin make the Portable Helicopter FireTrainer® extremely robust. Combining this with the stainless steel waterbath burner design provides unparalleled durability and ease of maintenance. The Portable Helicopter UH-60 FireTrainer® burns environmentally acceptable propane.

Safety is paramount with the ignition officer controlling a “deadman” button on the control pendant that when released instantly stops the fire. When paired with the optional self-contained transport trailer, training can be conducted almost anywhere.

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