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Outdoor-Industrial FireTrainer® O-250

The Outdoor-Industrial FireTrainer® O-250 simulator provides the vital training needed to handle industrial, petrochemical, transportation, or fuel spill fire emergencies. A comprehensive line of fires replicating class A, B and C fire scenarios is available.

The O-250 provides total control of fire scenarios for safe and effective outdoor – industrial fire training. Simulators (burn props, pads, pits) are fueled by clean burning LPG propane. Emergency stop buttons, fail-safe valving, inextinguishable pilot flames, and lock-out key switches are just a few of the standard safety features that distinguish KFT's fire training systems from "home-made" outdoor fire training props. The system is certified to NFPA and UL safety standards by a nationally recognized test laboratory (NRTL), as recommended by NFPA 1402.

KFT can also custom design a training system to meet your particular needs.