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Mobile Structural FireTrainer® ML-2000

The Mobile FireTrainer® ML-2000 (formerly called the T-3000) is a custom-built fire training trailer that allows convenient fire training to students in basic and advanced fire fighting drills.

This "turnkey" training system permits hot-fire training in a safe, controlled and environmentally sound manner. Having training capability like the ML-2000 locally results in more frequent training and increased emergency preparedness. The ML-2000 is environmentally sound and is fueled by clean-burning propane. Its benign smoke generation will not disturb the community.

(Europe Availability)


FABALU - Fire Training of the Cantons Aargau & Lucerne
Zofingen, Switzerland
EGERIA Sp. z o.o.
Warsaw, Poland
Building Insurance Aargau/Lucerne
Zofingen, Switzerland