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What customers are saying about KFT Fire Trainer

Six years after installation...

“Our FireTrainer system is running great! We can't wear it out. We run it 30 hours per week, every week. It's a fantastic facility.”

- Rick Scott, Deputy Chief of Administration
Wayne Township (IN) Fire Department, USA

"We run 24 scenarios in an hour and forty-five minutes. You could never do that [with class A fires]. That’s real efficiency. You guys do a great job. We personally like using the burn building, because we feel like it’s real training. It’s as close as you can be to the real thing. We love using it.”

- Training Officers of the FDNY Fire Academy

Note: Every FDNY fire fighter since 1987 has trained on a KFT FireTrainer system. The FDNY Fire Academy is a 3-times repeat customer of KFT. With 11,000 in-service fire fighters, FDNY is the heaviest user of KFT FireTrainer systems.

“Our T-1000 KFT FireTrainer has been the single most effective and important piece of firefighting equipment we have ever had in North Carolina."

- Jimmy Hensley, Coordinator
Cleveland Community College (NC), USA

“This note is to thank you for all of the quality service over the years. It is clear to me that your company has gone above and beyond to provide customer service and follow-up. Of particular note is the service provided by your Customer Service Technician, Porter Hudshon. I am absolutely impressed with the professionalism and technical ability that Porter has displayed on every visit to Eugene. He goes the extra mile."

- Tay Robertson, Training Chief
Eugene (OR) Fire & EMS, USA

“KFT's Customer Service team has been extraordinary. Mr. Gould, Lance, and Porter have done everything we have asked and more. Val is always there when we call. You guys are doing a great job.”

- Bret Acres
HAMMER Training Center, Richland (WA), USA

On post-warranty support of a mobile fire trainer...

“I want to thank you for the customer service that your company has provided Nevada County Consolidated Fire District. You have treated me like a multi-million dollar client. Now that's customer service!”

- David Ray, Training Battalion Chief
Nevada County (CA) Consolidated Fire District, USA

On building a new fire training center...

“It's been a fantastic and unforgettable experience for all. Thanks for being such a key part of the team and contributing greatly to the success of this project. All of the KFT team are the best, period.”

- Jerry Morgan, Director, Q & D Construction, Inc.
Re: Washoe County (NV) Regional Public Safety Training Center, USA

On building a new fire training center...

“It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at KFT from day one of this project. You all have handled this project from design to closeout professionally and with the utmost competency. I hope in the future there is an opportunity for our firms to work together again.”

- Mike Wilson, GW Mills Construction Company
Re: Pinellas County (FL) Fire Training Facility, USA

“I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we here at the 188th Fire Department would really like to thank Pat Connelly for the outstanding service and support. From the construction and initial startup to the great personal service after the sale these guys are excellent to work with and a real asset to your company. It is hard to find people who are willing to go the extra mile time and time again. We have recently received recognition for an excellent job at our training site. I know without Pat we could not have done it. Thanks again."

- Ryan C. Rains
Arkansas Air National Guard, Fort Smith (AR), USA

“Pat Connelly's (KFT Service Technician) training was thorough and we really appreciated his thoughtful hands-on approach. Thank Pat again for us, and thank everyone at KFT for a well done, professional job.”

- Guy Baylok
Northville Fire Department (MI), USA

“I am very pleased with the P-100 FireTrainer. The portability, ease, and cleanliness of it is a great asset. My instructors who utilize it are also pleased. When we take it to our classes or to any type of training scenario the participants and even the other agencies are impressed by it as well.”

- Tim Martin, Battalion Commander
Volusia County (FL), USA

"Since getting our Fire Trainer in-service in June 2006, we have had 12 of 14 fire departments in our district (103 firefighters) train with the simulator. In the last six months we have had 13, 184 man-hours of training in the KFT trailer. WE HAVE HAD EXCELLENT SERVICE FROM THE UNIT. KFT's technician came out and set it up for us. HE EVEN STAYED 2 EXTRA DAYS TO MAKE SURE WE WERE COMFORTABLE OPERATING AND MAINTAINING THE UNIT. We have only called KFT once since order additional foam. One of the neat things was THE 3-DAY TRAIN-THE-TRAINER CLASS. The class was invaluable to our department on the safe operation and the systematic way to conduct a live fire training. IN SHORT WE LOVE OUR KFT FIRETRAINER T-4000."

- Joe R. Williams
White House Community VFD, TN